What’s The Rush? @_@

28- Koreans on a Plane

28 - Koreans On A Plane

This happened one time when we flew back to Korea from Japan >.>

We’d landed on a runway quite far away from our terminal, so it was taking a while for the plane to taxi to it……the seatbelt signs were on, and the cabin crew asked everyone to stay in their seats until we reached the terminal.

Nearly all of the passengers were Korean, and the cabin crew were Japanese…..needless to say, they were getting increasingly exasperated trying to keep everyone in their seats; even getting up to the point of yelling “sit down!” over the intercom ^_^;

It’s not only a thing with Korean people; but every time we’ve flown with Korean passengers we’ve heard the sound of seatbelts clicking open long before the plane’s even stopped, and they start to get up and get their stuff……what’s the rush? ;>.>

It’s the same on buses in Korea too though ^_^;
(It’s worse when “Ajumas” are involved)

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2 Responses to What’s The Rush? @_@

  1. Modern Seoul says:

    Haha, agree completely I don’t understand their rush, a bus with two people on it and there is an Ajuma running to get on the bus first elbows out :D.
    Also they love queuing as soon as they get to the departure gate they line up.
    Great post thanks for sharing.

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