St. Patrick’s Day

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day…..and we didn’t even know at first ;>.>

We were out at the D³ Mall ( ) yesterday, and we were wondering why we were seeing so many westerners around…..even for in Seoul we were seeing an unusually high number.

Then when we were coming out from D³ to find the way across to TechnoMart, we noticed that everyone was gathering just up some steps.

So we went up to take a look, and stumbled across the “St. Patrick’s Day Festival Korea” >.>

It was like an amphitheatre filled with foreigners (mostly Americans by the sounds of it), and they were just starting their celebrations.

So then we realised, that as well as there being a lot of westerners around, they were all wearing something green….and carrying beer of course ^_^;

Before, we were thinking that maybe there was an American base somewhere nearby, and just that the mall was popular with westerners because of that (which may also be true, I don’t know)….but actually, they were all gathering there for St. Paddy’s day.

We watched a little bit of the people dancing, but then continued on with our day as usual :)


Both of us weren’t even wearing anything green :P

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