Long Forgotten KitKats ;>.>

Sometime soonish I’ll be writing a little about all the different KitKats we got from various places in Japan, when we were there on our JR Pass trip.

While I was thinking about that, I remembered that I have some photos of KitKats in my pictures folder that I’ve been meaning to put on here…….turns out I’ve had them since 2010 ;>.>

We must’ve got these ones on our first summer trip to Japan, 2 years ago ^_^;

So, here are 4 different flavours of KitKat from Japan :)

Royal Milk Tea – Tastes like tea, but not too strong of a flavour, so very yummy ^^

Cherry – I actually don’t remember what these were like ;>.>
                Taste like cherry I guess ^_^;

Ginger Ale – Unusual flavour for a chocolate, I don’t really like the ginger ale drink, but these
                        were alright. Like the Royal Milk Tea ones, they have a subtle flavour that
                        makes them nice :)

and the last ones,

Sweet Potato – Another unusual flavour, and actually really tasty ^^


I’m gonna try and not forget about the KitKats we currently have, and get them updated in a reasonable time…..not 2 years later ^_^;

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4 Responses to Long Forgotten KitKats ;>.>

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Look out for any marmite ones :o)

  2. ourgeekylife says:

    Have you tried the rose ones? They are great! I did not care much for the cheese ones though…it was a bit to odd for my tastes.

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