Daejong :)

We visited a new place on Saturday; Daejong :)

We went there specifically to go to Costco and get a membership card…..it’s not so easy to get one in the UK :/

Nice and easy to get one here though, just fill in a short form (which is in English), get your photo taken, and then they print your card there and then…..quick, easy, and simple ^^

It was fun looking around at all the stuff, but we didn’t actually buy much (there was plenty we wanted, but we’re moving next month so don’t want extra stuff)….we did get some yummy muffins though ^-^

We had lunch there too….it was good ^^


There’s a new bus terminal in Daejong, with an attached department store / shopping centre, and an e-mart.

We found a really nice toy shop in there, and even stumbled across a Bandai Gundam store :D
Sooooooo many Gundams I wanted to buy XD


There must be soooo much more to see and do in Daejong, but we managed to enjoy ourselves in just these few places there hehe ^___^

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