R.I.P. Mitten 1995-2012

Yesterday afternoon, my cat back in the UK had to be put to sleep at the vet’s; she was not very well.

She would’ve been 17 on May 5th, or about 85 according to the cat age calculator ( http://www.cat-world.com.au/cat-age-calculator ), so she lived quite long….she wasn’t a young cat anymore.


She was born in 1995 at my friend’s house, where his cat gave birth to a litter of 3 kittens (she did this quite often, maybe it was a hobby or something). I’m not sure how old she was when we took her home, maybe a few weeks old (I was about 10 or 11).

She was always a pretty little cat, with nice black and white markings…..but she always had big ears; that just added to her cuteness though ^_^;

She was playful, relaxed, and very tolerant…..but try to touch her fluffy white belly, and you’d be caught in a death grip from 4 sets of claws :S

Like most cats she was an expert sleeper, always finding interesting and strange positions to sleep in; with a favourite being half twisted round, with her head upside down ^_^;

She was a bit of a poser too, trying to look her best for the camera.

Growing up together, my sister and I both spent a lot of time playing with Mitten, around the house, and in the garden. And she was easily amused (Mitten, not my sister….although I do wonder sometimes :P); she loved to play with simple things like rubber bands, and cable ties shaped into a ring. She didn’t need expensive cat toys hehe.

She always had a weird fondness for playing on stairs too, even by herself with or without a “toy” of some kind……sat in the house with no one else home, just me and the cat, I would suddenly hear thumping noises as she went tearing up and down the staircase enjoying herself ;>.>

One of my favourite memories of her; is when she was still a little kitten, at the curtain climbing stage of life. We had floor to ceiling curtains in front of the patio doors, and they were gently swaying in the breeze with the sliding door open. Mitten took a run-up from the living room, dived at the curtains, gripped onto them, and swung out through the open door, before swinging back in and then climbing up them….Tarzan cat ;>.>

Mitten 006Mitten 003100_1115100_1120DSC06254DSC06779Mitten 008Photo-0022Photo-0023Photo-0024

I’ll always have a lot of great memories of her, as I’m sure the rest of my family back in the UK will too, and she’ll be missed.

You’ll always be my furry, four legged, little sister…..goodbye Mitten, you certainly were one of a kind.


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2 Responses to R.I.P. Mitten 1995-2012

  1. Anonymous says:

    That made me chuckle I remember when I was sat on the sofa with my legs hanging over the side when she decided to jump on my foot and try and climb up it hurt a lot lol bless her she was a lovely lovely cat she will be missed maybe we can persuade mum to get another one he he, marmite will be coming to stay when we go London so u can play with her that’s if she comes out of hiding lol : )

  2. Rhiannon says:

    I remember first meeting her. She came out from behind the sofa and stretcher her tiny legs. Too cute with those massive ears!! She was the sweetest cat ive ever known. I also remember you making her jump up and climb your legs alot ….. meaning you were pretty much always scratched he he! Rest in piece Mitten, go play in the giant field in the sky xxx

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