Nagan Folk Village

After the World Expo in Yeosu, we got on the bus with our tour group and drove to our lodgings for the night….we stayed in a folk village :D

It was four to a room, and you’re basically staying at someone’s house….it’s pretty interesting.

The rooms are pretty small for four people, but it was comfortable enough, and there’s one outside bathroom shared between three rooms.

When we arrived it was pitch black in the village, with very few lights outside, so we couldn’t really see where we were…..but when we woke up in the morning it was really interesting to clearly see where we actually were ^^

We stayed in a thatched roof building which opens out into a little courtyard that’s shared with the landlady’s home.


After breakfast (muffins with the tour group ^^) we had some time to walk around the folk village.

It’s very interesting there because it’s like an open air folk museum, but there are people living in the houses all year :)

The whole village is surrounded by a kind of fortress wall, but we didn’t have time to walk around that before leaving.


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