Diver City – Full Size Gundam XD

There’s a new area in Tokyo called Odaiba, that’s built on artificial land (they filled in the sea basically), and there’s a biiiig shopping centre there called Diver City.

At Diver City, they have a full size, 1:1 scale, Gundam XD

We’ve seen the 1:1 scale Gundam “bust” at the Bandai Museum, which looked huge, but the full size complete one is massive >.>

It looks really awesome just stood out in the plaza in front of the shopping centre, and a few times throughout the day there’s a 10 minute “show”; music and sound effects play, and the Gundam moves it’s head while lights flash on it, and steam comes out from it’s vents……it’s pretty cool, but would’ve been even cooler if it moved it’s arms or something as well :P


There’s a Gundam Cafe next to the Gundam too, so we tried a couple of things to eat / drink, and I got a collector’s edition Gundam head but I haven’t opened it yet due to us moving ^_^;


Bonus video below ;)

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