Annular Solar Eclipse ^^

On the morning of Monday May 21st, an annular solar eclipse was visible from parts of southern Japan, including Tokyo.

We got up very early, and went to a park overlooking the sea with Y’s aunty and cousin, to watch the eclipse through some thick, black, plastic “glasses” that’d let us look directly at the sun without damaging our eyes :)

It was a bit cloudy, so we couldn’t see the sun the whole time, but we did manage to catch glimpses of it some of the time, and see the eclipse with our own eyes ^^

We were able to take some photos of it through the plastic things…..they’re not the best photos, but you can see the moon passing in front of the sun :)


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2 Responses to Annular Solar Eclipse ^^

  1. tokyo5 says:

    I wrote about the eclipse too:

    Are you still in Tokyo now? Have you gone to the Tokyo Sky Tree?

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