Stuffed Suitcases ^_^

As usual coming back from Japan, we had our suitcases stuffed full of things we bought there ^_^

We covered the usual bases; kitchen stuff (sauces, instant foods, etc), snacks, and souvenirs :)

Y’ got a very cool souvenir; a Miffy Kokeshi doll :D


I got some good Hello Kitty things; a Kitty sitting down and wearing a kimono, phone straps from a few places we visited, a pez dispenser (brilliant :D), and Kitty towels from Y’’s Mum XD


One unusual thing we bought to try (just for fun; they were cheap) was “training glasses” ^_^;

They’re supposed to help strengthen the muscles in your eyes…..or something like that >.>

And regular use of them is supposed to help improve your eyesight……we shall see :P


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