Weymouth Laser Lights

On Thursday night we went to see the official switch on of the new laser light installation on Weymouth seafront.

Apparently it’s supposed to be an art installation, but I think everyone (including us) there was expecting more of a laser light “show” ^_^;

They were switched on every 6 minutes from 9:30pm onwards……at first it still wasn’t dark enough to really see them, so all we really saw was a green light at the top of each of the pillars.

We stayed longer and waited for it to get darker, so after a while we could see the lasers better, and see them going out across the bay…..but it was still kinda disappointing :/

It didn’t come out very well in our photos, but the beams went out into the water and sometimes split into several beams……maybe it looked better from the other side of the bay (looking back towards the seafront rather than out at sea), which is where all the official images from earlier testing seem to be taken from…..but from the esplanade (which is where most people would come to see it from) it was all a bit, meh :/

I think the idea of laser lights shooting out across the bay sounds pretty cool, but it failed to deliver….it didn’t help that the PA system was playing up as well ^_^;

From what I’ve read, the people who’re running the installation are saying that you need to see the laser lights at different times, and in different weather conditions; which makes sense……but that doesn’t really work in a tourist town where the people who come to see these lights will most likely not see them at many different times, or in different weather conditions. They’ll go out to see them one night during their stay in the town, wonder what they’re supposed to be looking at, and then wonder why the town didn’t just keep the traditional seafront fairy lights instead.


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