Armed Forces Day Celebrations (Saturday)

For the next week it’s Veteran’s Week here, so during this weekend there’s been exhibitions and a parade :)

Yesterday there were historic military vehicles parked outside the pavilion for people to look at; including jeeps, trucks, motorbikes, and an amphibious truck.


At mid-day there was a beach assault and bridge building demonstration by the Royal Engineers.

We missed most of the beach assault (the part we most wanted to see >_<), but it was interesting seeing the bridge getting built, and then some of the historic vehicles from earlier being driven over it ^-^


In the afternoon we went to Dorchester, where they had more historic vehicles; particularly more tanks and armoured vehicles, and people dressed as American soldiers from World War 2.

Before D-day there were a lot of American troops and vehicles in Dorchester, getting ready to leave from Weymouth as part of the invasion force going to mainland Europe……so the idea is to reproduce that kind of spectacle, of having all those American tanks and soldiers etc in the town :)


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2 Responses to Armed Forces Day Celebrations (Saturday)

  1. Rhiannon says:

    I saw you take the pic outside starbucks .. i then took my pic and turned around to come and say hello and you’d vanished! lol!

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