Camping Trip ^^

We went for a 2 night camping trip to The New Forest in Hampshire…….neither of us have been camping for a looooooong time, so we were looking forward to going ^^

At the campsite we were able to find a nice little spot next to a big tree, where we pitched our tent and set up a little space outside for sitting :)

It was sunny when we arrived, so the tree gave us some shade……..and on the second day we did have a little bit of rain in the afternoon, but the tree sheltered us from it, so we were still able to sit outside without getting wet :D


The campsite we stayed at is located on the site of an old airfield, and just over the fence from where our tent was there were loads of New Forest ponies :)

The ponies are free to roam around pretty much all of the New Forest area, and it’s interesting just walking around with all these ponies around us.

There were also cows wondering around the area too, and on the campsite we saw many squirrels and rabbits…….we even had squirrels coming pretty close to us to climb the tree while we sat outside our tent ^^


We took easy to cook foods with us, including Hello Kitty pasta shapes ;P

But even just using tinned vegetables etc, we still managed to make a yummy Japanese curry :D

It was a good trip, and we’ll go camping somewhere else again too ^-^


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2 Responses to Camping Trip ^^

  1. Gardner's World says:

    Some cool camping nosh you got there

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