The Olympic Torch In Weymouth :)

Yesterday evening we went to the olympic torch evening celebration event thingy on Weymouth beach :)

The tickets to get in were free, but you had to apply for them online when they were released last month, and they were all gone within 2 hours of being made available…..we were lucky to get some >.>

It was a bit windy, and pouring down with rain; not ideal weather to be standing out on the beach :/

We had ponchos on, and umbrellas, but we got pretty wet still.

There were a few acts on the stage;
> a drum troupe,
> some dancers who were runners up on some reality show or something…..who didn’t dance because they were worried about slipping on the wet stage –_-
> and a rapper called “Wretch 32”…..never heard of him before, but we’re not interested in rap music ^_^;


An olympic medallist gave a quick interview, and the mayor (I think ^_^;) gave a little speech.

Then finally the part we were interested in; the olympic torch arrived ^^

The torch came in from the sea on a little boat, and then passed to the next runner who carried it a little way along the beach, and then up onto the stage to light a cauldron thingy…..that part was interesting to see, and then we made a quick exit to go home and dry off ^_^;


The next day (today) the torch was coming through Portland, and then along Weymouth seafront, so we went down in the morning to see it go past.

It was nice to see it close(r) up, because I doubt we’ll ever see it like that again :)

Plus Y’ was able to get a couple of free things from sponsors as they ran past :P


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