Candy Blox ^o^

When we were in Japan last, we found these sweets called Candy Blox, so I bought some to try… lego you can eat ^^

From looking at the font of the packet I thought that maybe they’d be some kind of gummy things, or a kind of glazed hard candy……but they’re not at all >.>

They’re actually chalky candy, and Y’ read the Japanese part on the back, and it says they’re like a fizzy candy….veeeeery different from what I was expecting ;>.>

They do taste pretty good though ;P


They come in different sizes, and they do stick together a little bit, but not really enough to be able to build anything.

The front of the packet suggests building something like an aeroplane, so I tried that, but it all just collapsed ^_^;

It’s an interesting idea, and something a bit different to try out if you see some for sale anywhere ;)


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