Hello Kitty Sushi Collection :)

Another thing we bought in Japan, but hadn’t opened until we moved house here in the UK, was this collection of Hello Kitty sushi shop toys :)

You can buy these individually, and collect them one by one, or you can buy a box containing the whole set of 6…..which is what we did ;P


It’s a nice little set; you get Kitty as a sushi chef in the middle of a sushi conveyor belt, and a variety of foods and different sushi, all Kitty themed, and nicely detailed (even the seaweed around the sushi has a Kitty face printed on it) ^^

If you like Hello Kitty and / or sushi, then you should collect this set ;)


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2 Responses to Hello Kitty Sushi Collection :)

  1. cruellapoppy says:

    I adore Sushi and love Hello Kitty! I want please!

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