Bristol Doors Open Day 2012 – Blaise Castle House

On Saturday 8th September it was “Bristol Doors Open Day”, which is when a lot of places around the city open their doors to the public for free tours etc :)

The first place we went to was Blaise Castle House, which is a big manor house which is now a museum……there’s also a small dairy and a mock castle in the grounds.

The house is big, and the grounds around it are absolutely massive >.>
It seems to all be public park-land now, with a cafe and play area there.


Around the back of the house is a big green house, and the small dairy building where they were letting people have a go at making their own butter for the day ^^

We thought it’d be more complicated to make, but all you have to do to make some butter is put some double cream into a container, and shake it hard until it starts to solidify and stick together….then put out the excess liquid and you’re done ;>.>

Tastes just like any other butter, but it’s so simple :D


We had lunch next (a picnic Y’ made), and then headed up through the woodland path to the mock castle on top of the hill.

It’s not a big castle, and from what we read in the museum it seems to have just been built for decoration up there, but it was interesting to go and see it.

The castle is open on Sundays only, so we couldn’t go inside…..but maybe we’ll go back for a look another day :)

To one side of the area where the castle is, there’s a view point out over a gorge, and it’s a nice view from up there ^^


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