Happy Halloween (^W^)

36-Halloween 2012

36 - Halloween 2012

Every year when it’s coming up to Halloween, Y’ wants to get a pumpkin carving set, but we never get round to it……this year we bought a set as soon as we saw it though :P

Since the beginning of the month there’s been loads of big orange pumpkins for sale in the supermarket. So we planned to wait until the Monday before Halloween, and then we’d buy a couple to carve……..but on Monday aaaalllll of the pumpkins were gone…..even the displays ;>.>

All we could get was a little mini pumpkin, so that’ll have to do ^_^;

We managed to carve a face into though, and it worked out alright :)


I tried out a couple of interesting Halloween snacks too ^^

I really like Cadbury Cream Eggs, so when I saw “Screme Egg”s I had to buy one to try….they’re yummy, and full of green goo :D


It’s been years since I’ve had a toffee apple, or chocolate coated apple, so I saw Halloween as a chance to indulge ;P

Who would’ve thought that apple and chocolate would go so well together :D


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