Bridgwater Carnival ^o^

Last night we went to see the carnival in Bridgwater. It was our first time seeing it (we’d never even heard of it before) and it was really really good :D

It’s a night time carnival, and all of the carnival floats are fully lit up with bright lights, and have a song playing to match their theme.

It was really impressive what they’d built, and some of them had loooooaaads of moving parts……like my favourite one of the night; the “Revolution” float had huge sections moving from side to side, and each section was covered in loads of wooden wheels which were all rotating and covered in lights ^^

Another favourite of mine was the Christmas Carol float, which had massive characters moving alongside it, and small soap bubbles blowing out the top like snow :)


There were 2 main types of float; most of them had a lot of people dressed in costumes and dancing in synch to the music, which looked really good.

And other floats were like a freeze frame, where they were set up like scenes from a story (such as Sweeney Todd), and the people on board dressed as characters were stood completely still as if frozen in mid scene……it was pretty impressive how still these people were standing, they were just like mannequins, and it was really interesting :)


The floats were all massive things, and some of them were really long……it was a great spectacle to see them, and I expect we’ll go to see it again another year ^-^


The only downside was at the end when trying to go home….it seemed really unorganised (compared to when we arrived to park the car, which was well organised and directed), and it took us an hour just to get out of the car parking area, despite being parked right near the exit and being within 10 cars from the front of the queue to get out once we’d left our space :S

Hopefully it’s not like that every year ^_^;

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