Y’s Craft Markets :)

Y’ is very good at making things…..especially things using felt, as I’ve shown on here before :)

She made a loooooot of toy foods from felt; sushi, cakes, fruits, etc…..and some other little bits; origami ninja stars, and Japanese paper doll style bookmarks.

With all this stuff we had a little table at 2 craft markets…..one near Bristol, and one more locally.

The first market went ok, but perhaps we weren’t getting the right kind of people coming by to see the these kinds of things, so we didn’t sell much. But we at least covered the cost of having the table there, and Y’ was just happy to show off what she made ^_^;


For the 2nd market we adjusted prices slightly, and the layout of our table based on what we observed from the previous market.

We both thought this market was better suited for us, and because it was in the daytime (the other was in the evening after dark), and ran for longer than the other one; we had more people stopping by to take a look, and we sold much more :)

We enjoyed both market though, and had fun doing them…..and Y’ is very thankful for all the nice comments people gave about the things she’d made ^^


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