Lacock Village & Abbey House

For Christmas I received a book about some of the locations used for filming the Harry Potter movies, so this weekend we went to visit one of the locations :)

Lacock Village is nearly all owned by the National Trust, and it’s almost like an open air museum. The buildings all look like they’ve been there for a very long time, and each one is unique because their shape is guided by whatever shape the wood beams are, that were used in their construction.

In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Harry and Dumbledoor walked through parts of the village on the way to a house… notable building they passed, was “At The Sign Of The Angel”….odd name for a building ^_^;


The abbey house was originally a home for nuns, but later converted into a private house, so it’s an interesting mix of upper-class living and religious building.

The cloisters and courtyard are the main areas which were used for filming the movies. They have a very similar feel to the cloisters, and courtyard, at Gloucester Cathedral which we went to last month (also used in filming Harry Potter).

Several of the side rooms were used as classrooms for Harry Potter, and one of the rooms was the location of the magic mirror in the first movie.


The first floor of the house contains the main living quarters from when the house was a private residence, and for a big house, it has some cosy looking rooms ^^

The most interesting room for me though, was not so “cosy”; it’s the massive room at the front of the house which has loooaaads of statues around the walls, a huge fireplace, and at the time we were there; a nice big Christmas tree ^-^


There are a lot of walkways around the abbey grounds and gardens, which are probably really nice during warmer months, and at the entrance to the grounds where you buy your ticket there’s a small museum.

The museum has information about old photography from Lacock (it was where negative film was invented), and upstairs they had an interesting gallery of close-up insect photography :)


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  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    Wow! I’ll have to go there one day!

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