Snowy Snowy ^^

The weather forecast for today was heavy snow, but we didn’t think it would be like this ;>.>

I got up at my usual time this morning to get ready for work, and  looked out the window, and saw it was pretty white outside; with a light covering everywhere, and the snow still coming down in big flakes… the time I had washed and started to get dressed I looked outside again, and the snow looked like it had got twice as deep on the ground in that short time >.>

I was just trying to assess my chances of being able to get my car out, (our parking space is on a slope, and our driveway is sloped….2 places I could end up sliding out of control :/) when I got a phone call from my boss saying it’d be better not to risk trying to come in today… I was given the day off ^^

We live in a rural area, and my office is also in a rural location, so not all the roads are gritted. We watched our neighbours trying to leave for work from our window…..they were already parked on the road, but needed to turn around. They were trying to do a U turn, but every time they tried to reverse, the car started sliding sideways ^_^;

In the end they gave up, and had to leave their car parked on the opposite side of the road from where they started….that was as far as they were able to get ;>.>


When the snow had stopped coming down, we went out for a little walk around the streets, and across to see the nearby fields….white everywhere :D

The snow was really nice and powdery, and it looked amazing clinging to the branches of trees ^^

Sheep look pretty dirty compared to crisp white snow though :P


After our walk we came back and made a snowman….with the snow so powdery it was really easy to get it to form a big ball when rolling it about ^^

While I did the main build for our man of snow, Y’ played with her toys; making ice cream and house bricks out of snow ^_^;


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