Year of the Snake ~~~~&

Today is Chinese New Year, the year of the snake… we went to a little event being held at the M-Shed in Bristol :)

M-Shed is a new museum housed inside converted warehouses on Bristol Docks, and for today (yesterday too I think) they had some Chinese displays and performances to celebrate the new year.

There were little activities and games for children to try, and tables with info about Chinese culture and traditions.

The performances including martial arts displays, choirs, and lion dances…..but we only saw the lion dance while we were there.


The lion dance was pretty good, it was done by a group from Bristol University.

Two lions danced around, “ate” oranges and sweets from plates on the ground, then threw the sweets (in their wrappers) back out into the crowd for children to catch ^^

It was fun to watch ^-^


The other parts of the building house the museum’s main displays, which are about Bristol’s history. There’s some interesting things there, and it’s worth a visit…..and it’s free entry, so why not go? :P


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