M-Shed Chocolate Exhibition ^^

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK, but we met my Mum and Grandma yesterday for an early Mother’s / Grandmother’s day instead ;)

We took them to M-Shed in Bristol where they’ve currently got a Chocolate exhibition on the top floor ^^

It tells you all about the history of chocolate making around the Bristol area, with the focus being on the Fry’s brand….which I think is part of Cadbury now.

It was fun seeing all the old package designs of familiar chocolate bars, and it brought back some nice memories for Mum and Grandma :)


There’s even a machine on display there called a “Spinner”, so I definitely had to get a photo of that for on here hehe

It’s used for making things like hollow chocolate eggs……but it’s not where the name for this site comes from :P


Entry to M-Shed is free for the main exhibition areas, but it costs £5 per adult to go into the chocolate exhibition…..you do get a free (tiny) chocolate with your ticket though ;P


After the museum we took Mum and Grandma across the river for a yummy lunch, and then we walked along the waterside to get back to the car……it was a nice trip out, and they both enjoyed it ^-^


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