Tyneham Village

On Friday we went to Tyneham Village, which is a ghost village in Dorset.

In 1943 the small village and it’s surrounding areas were commandeered by the MoD to be used as firing ranges for training troops. All of the residents were evicted, and told they could return after the war. Most of the families had lived there for many generations, and they were a tight knit community…….but they were never allowed to return; as the MoD placed a compulsory purchase order on the land in 1948, and kept it for use as firing ranges ever since :/

The village, and walks on routes around the ranges, has since been opened to the public on weekends when the army is not using the area for practice, and the old school and church have both been preserved as museums.

Apart from the school and church, all of the buildings in the village are now ruins, containing pretty much nothing apart from their outer walls.

You can walk through all of the buildings though, and they have information boards inside telling you about the family that used to live in the building……It’s a very interesting place to walk through, but it’s also kinda eerie there ;>.>

I wouldn’t want to be there after dark ^_^;


A short walk along a track from the village is Worbarrow Bay, which provides great views on a nice clear day ^^


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