A Chunky Flavour ^^

In Japan there are a lot of KitKat flavours all the time (I’ve featured many on here before), and I always wondered why there isn’t such a broad selection of flavours in the UK……perhaps a matter of taste I guess.

There are some different KitKat flavours available though, and recently there was a kind of vote for a new KitKat Chunky flavour :)

4 new flavours were released for a limited time, and I think the winning flavour (as voted for online) was to become a permanent new addition….I’m not sure which one actually won in the end though ^_^;

The 4 flavours were Choc Fudge, Coconut, Hazelnut, and Mint.

We tried them all, and they were all pretty good. Choc Fudge was by far my favourite though ^^


They should do things like this more often :)

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