Cake Attempt 1 :D

I’ve mentioned before, that my Grandma makes the best chocolate cakes:
and she does :P

She’s given me the recipe now to try for myself though, and so far I’ve made 1 attempt at it…..I’ve never baked a cake on my own before, so this is really my first attempt ever :P

It seemed to be going well, as I followed the instructions carefully, but it didn’t rise properly in the oven…….so what I ended up with was a kinda biscuit-cake ^_^;

It didn’t look too bad though, and it tasted fine, but it’s definitely not what I was expecting to take out of the oven ;>.>


Y’ thought I must’ve done something wrong when following the recipe, so she made her own attempt.

She’s usually really good at making cakes and things, but it seems she made the same mistake that I did, because her cake came out looking the same as mine ^_^;


We think we know what it is that we did wrong though, so we’ll try again one day, and see if we can make a proper chocolate sponge cake ;P

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3 Responses to Cake Attempt 1 :D

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah yeah, possibly! its hard to beat grandma’s cakes anyway :o)
    Rhi x

  2. Anonymous says:

    sis and I always do this!! they end up like pancakes haha! I think it has something to do with the way you mix it? x

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