Bristol Motor Show 2013

This weekend there’s a motor show at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, in Bristol……we went there for a look yesterday :)

It was interesting, but very different from what we were expecting >.>

I thought there would be a lot of cars from movies and TV shows, and a lot of sports cars to oggle…….I remember going a few years ago when they had the Delorian from Back to the Future, the A-Team van, and others, but this year there wasn’t as many as I was hoping for :/

As soon as we arrived we saw the Stig, from Top Gear, which was cool ^^


The “famous cars” were Noddy’s car, and a yellow tax (not sure what the taxi was from), Herbie (brilliant little car), and the Gran Turino from Starsky and Hutch :)


There was a couple of things for kids to do, including mini bikes, go karts, and radio controlled cars on a little track.


There were a couple of sports cars, and a racing car, on display… favourite being a nice black Jaguar ^^

I was hoping to see an Aston Martin there, but no such luck :P


A few interesting old vans were dotted around serving food. But the main bulk of the motor show was actually campers vans, and some standard road cars…………as I mentioned earlier, not really what we were expecting >.>


On the way out though, we did catch another interesting things, a little area where 3 guys were doing some tricks on BMX’s….some pretty impressive stuff they were pulling off, but must’ve made them really dizzy hehehe @_@


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