Gromit Unleashed (Part 2)

Today we followed one of the trails marked on the Gromit Unleashed map, and managed to see 13 Gromits around the harbourside :)

The Harbourside Walk is about 3.7 miles long, and takes about 1.5 hours.

“Watch out Gromit!” is inside the M-Shed, on the ground floor.


“National Treasure” is also inside M-Shed, on the first floor. It’s covered in 1p coins which is pretty interesting ^^

They were operating a queue to see it though, and you may have to line up for about 15-20 minutes.


“NewFoundLand” is on board the Mathew ship, so you may have to be in the right place, at the right time, to catch it, as it moves around the docks area.

It’s free to go aboard though. (You can give a donation if you like)



“Stat’s the way to do it, lad!” is outside Aardman’s office building.

Don’t forget to wave to the camera in the window filming a time-lapse of Gromit ;)


“Being Gromit Malkovich” is outside the gift shop at the SS Great Britain.


On the other side of the water next, “Gromberry” is outside the Pump House.


“Gromit-O-Matic” is outside the apartments at Brunel Mile.


“Jack” shares its name with our rubber duck :P, and is outside Hargreaves Lansdown.


“Astro Dog” is in Millennium Square, near @-Bristol.


“Steam Dog” is inside @-Bristol, and is one of the ones I was most looking forward to seeing ^^


“Fish Tales” is inside the Bristol Aquarium, being watched over by a shark >.>


“Hound Dog” is inside the Arnolfini.


“Zodiac” is outside Arnolfini, and completed our loop back round to M-Shed, and where we parked the car hehe ^-^


Along the route you can pick up 2 more passport stamps. 1 in M-Shed, and 1 in @-Bristol :)


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