Gromit Unleashed (Part 3)

Another round of Gromits that have been unleashed on Bristol :D

These ones can all be found just above the harbourside area, in the southern part of the city centre :)

“Bark at Ee” is in the middle of Queens Square.
We thought it had a jigsaw pattern on it from a distance, but it’s actually covered in words heh


“The King” is in King Street….a very fitting location for this one :P


“Carosello” is outside of The Spyglass restaurant, pretty much right opposite “The King”.

This Gromit gained fame early on because very shortly after it was put in place some idiots damaged it, and it had to be taken away for repair :/

It’s now moved inside at night for safety, and there’s a get well soon card next to it still :)


“What a Wind Up!” is across the water from the previous 2 Gromits, in Redcliffe Street.


“Butterfly” is inside the Bristol Old Vic.


“Groscar” is in Thunderbolt Square….the name of the square is more exciting than the actual square itself though ;P


“Hero” is at the Subway Harbourside shop, near the bus stops across from the Cascade Steps.

This Gromit has a nice funky mural behind it of Wallace and Gromit. Bristol is well known for its graffiti artists.


“Salty Sea Dog” is at the top of the Cascade Steps.


“A Close Shave” is inside the Tourist Information Centre on the harbourside. You can also get another passport stamp here ^^


“Where’s Wallace?” is inside  the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, near College Green.

There’s supposed to be another Gromit outside in College Green, but it’s currently away for repair….again due to the idiocy of some people :S


“The Grommalo” is inside Bristol Central Library, in the children’s section.


If you have a look inside Bristol Cathedral you’ll be able to find a “bonus” Gromit ;)

It’s a smaller one made by school children.


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