Gromit Unleashed (Part 5)

Make way for the next batch of Gromits ^-^

Most of these ones are around the Broadmead / Cabot Circus shopping areas, so they’re easy to get to ;)

“Gromit Lightyear” is in the lobby of the cinema in Cabot Circus.


“Doodles” is on the ground floor in Cabot Circus. I didn’t count how many doodles of “Simon’s Cat” are on Gromit, but there are a lot :P


“Collarfull” is in front of the ruined church in Castle Park.


“Gnashional Gromit” is inside the Marriot hotel at one end of Castle Park, on the first floor.

If you have a drink at the Starbucks in there, you’ll get a Gromit postcard, and they’ll send it anywhere within the UK for you :)


“Grosmos” is inside Harvey Nichols, in the corner on the first floor….we somehow missed it at first and ended up going to the top floor in our search for it ^_^;


“Lancelot” is at Quakers Friars, next to the water feature.


“Malago” is in the centre of Broadmead shopping area.


“Gromitasaurus” is on the ground floor inside The Galleries shopping mall.


“Grrrrromit” is at Windmill Hill City Farm, in the centre courtyard.


“Paisley” is on North Street, close to the Aldi supermarket there.


“Creature Comforts” is outside the Riverside Garden Centre.


At Windmill Hill City Farm, when seeing “Grrrrromit” you can also pick up another stamp for your passport :)


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