Harry Potter Studio Tour (Part 3)

Like the sets, the costumes and props used in the Harry Potter Movies are hugely detailed and well made :)

Some of the costumes had to be made several times, so that they could be in different states of repair if required for action scenes etc, and they would have to make sure that each version matched the previous version exactly (apart from extra dirt and rips as needed etc)


Each character has their own distinct wand, and thousands were made during the course of the movies. Every student that appears in the background of a scene also has his / her own wand…..whether you actually see it in the movie or not >.>


Although props like the wands couldn’t actually cast magic spells, some of the props (big and small) could work as seen in the movie…..to a degree anyway ^_^;

Things like the Knight Bus were built just like a real bus…..apart from it was made from 3 buses and had to be weighed down so that it wouldn’t fall over hehe

Some of the giant chess pieces from the first movie were radio controlled, so they could be moved about on the board…as if by magic :P


While you’re there don’t forget to try some Butter Beer. I don’t know what it’s made of, but it’s pretty yummy ;)


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