Harry Potter Studio Tour (Part 4)

The special effects are a major part of the Harry Potter movies, and during the tour you can see some of the tricks of the trade ;)

The motion rigs they used with green screen are pretty cool, and you can ride a broom with a green screen behind you which they’ll take pictures and video of, which make a nice souvenir :)


The creature workshop is really interesting, and I always find it interesting how some practical affects can be done using animatronics…..it’s nice to see in this very CG heavy era ^_^;

The Hippogriff animatronic was brilliant; as part of a presentation it moves, and it looks eerily realistic how it looks around the room :D


There are also these really creepy likenesses of some of the characters to see ;>.>


The cardboard models on display are really cool, as they give a sense of space and scale to some of the areas in the movie. And they’re nicely detailed……


….of course to see a reeeeeaaaaally detailed model though, you have to check out the massive scale model of Hogwarts itself ^-^

This model was used for pretty much all of the exterior shots in the movie, and it’s so well crafted, it’s absolutely amazing to see :)


There’s lots and lots to see on the Harry Potter Studio tour, and whether you’re a fan of the Harry Potter movies, or just interested in how movies are made, it’s well worth a visit ;)

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