Gromit Unleashed (Part 6)

Is that a Gromit I see down there?
Why yes, yes it is ;P

“Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion” is at Sion Hill which leads up to Clifton Suspension Bridge. This Gromit is in a great position to view the bridge from, and if you keep going up the hill, you can check out the bridge up close too :)

There’s an interesting little information place about the bridge, located across from the side that Gromit’s on. (There’s a toll charge for cars crossing, only 50p though, or you can walk across for free)


“Fiesta” is just a little further down the hill at the Avon Gorge Hotel.


“Patch” is on Clifton Hill, not too far from the bridge.


“Tutan Gromit I” is just in the entrance to Bristol City Museum, and if you go right inside the museum then you’ll find…..


“Newshound” is in the lobby at Bristol City Museum. You might notice that this one is a little different from the other Gromits, and that’s because it was designed by Nick Park, the original creator of Wallace and Gromit ^^


“Golden Gromit” is outside the Victoria Rooms next to the fountain. Shiny shiny :)


“Bushed” is just inside  the Royal West of England Academy, just across the road from “Golden Gromit”.


“Vincent van Gromit” is on Elton Road.


“aMazing Gromit!” is at Cheddar Gorge, which is south of Bristol so you’ll need to travel out to see it. It’s worth it though, and you can see how the original Cheddar cheese is made at the place that gives it its name ;)


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