Wookey Hole

On Sunday we went out to Wookey Hole for the day :)

The last time I went to Wookey Hole I was probably about 10 years old, so some things have changed since then, and I don’t remember much about it apart from the caves ^_^;

Wookey Hole is famous for the witch that lives in the caves, and in the past she would be blamed for anything bad that happened in the town of Wookey, but these days she’s a friendly witch….during the day at least ;P


The first area you’ll go through at Wookey Hole is the caves, where you’ll get a guided tour in groups, and you’ll learn about the history of the caves and the witch.

The caves are lit up along the way, sometimes in coloured light, and it looks really good ^^

Along the way you’ll even get to see some cheese getting “cave aged”. The caves are the perfect temperature and humidity, no matter what the outside conditions are like, and the cheese will develop a distinct flavour from being aged within the caves.


After your tour of the caves there are many more things for you to see and do :)

Including; model dinosaurs, a history of circuses, a history of cave diving, traditional paper making from the local area, and an authentic Victorian penny arcade.


At certain times through the day there is a circus show, performed by kids aged 9-16 who train there twice a week. They’re actually very good at what they do as well….they do some pretty impressive things, it’s worth checking them out ;)


On your way out, why not have a fun game of Pirate Island Adventure golf…..this was very popular on the day we went, so you may need to prepare for a fairly long wait to play. It’s fun though, so worth the wait :)


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