Gromit Unleashed (Part 9)

Here it is, the (kinda) end to my Gromit hunt. We’ve now seen 79 of the 80 Gromits, we’re only missing no. 80 itself “Gromit”, and that’s because it’s all the way over in London at Padington Station ;>.>

“80 Gromits, 10 Weeks, 1 City” is not entirely accurate, because London is definitely not in Bristol :P
But, “Gromit” will be in Bristol, and there will be a chance to complete your collection (if you haven’t been able to get to London); from 12-09-2013 until 16-09-2013 “Gromit” will be at the Art of Gromit Unleashed Shop :)

So until then, here are the final ones ;)

“Poetry in Motion” is outside Bristol Cathedral in College Green.


“Sir Gromit of Bristol” is at St Georges Bristol…..I really liked this one ^^


“Gizmo” is inside the Art of Gromit Unleashed Shop, which is right across the road from the Bristol Children’s Hospital; the beneficiary of this whole event :)

Inside the shop you can also get another stamp on your passport.


“Canis Major” is in the courtyard at Hotel du Vin Bristol.


“Nezahualcoyotl” is inside a shop called Stanfords, not far from St Nicholas Market.


“Why Dog? Why” is at the entrance to St Nicholas Market.


“Bumble Boogie” is inside Colston Hall, and I think it was the only Gromit “Composed by” somebody ;P


“Sheepdog” is at The Mall Gardens.


So that’s it, all of the Gromits on the Gromit Unleashed Trail…..until the last one comes back to Bristol ;)

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