Bristol Doors Open Day 2013 – Aardman Offices

The highlight of Doors Open Day for us was the Aardman offices…..we felt like because of Gromit Unleashed, we just had to go to Aardman this year ^^

Several tours of the offices (not the production studios) run throughout the day, but they’re by advanced booking only, because it’s a very popular place ;)


Straight away from entering the reception area it looks like it’d be a brilliant place to work in…there are models of their characters all over the place, including some sets from a couple of their movies :)


As the Gromit Unleashed trail has just ended, they have a few of the Gromits here in the atrium (and a couple of mini ones made by schools), being looked after before their final exhibition and auction……including an extra Gromit made as part of a Visit England campaign, meaning we’ve now seen 81 out of 80 Gromits ;P


All of the offices are open to the atrium, and there are toys of all kinds everywhere, and not just from their own creations.

The building is all sustainable, using passive heating and ventilation….it’s able to keep itself at a really nice comfortable temperature without the need for any mechanical things. Although no system is perfect, and we were told that 2 or 3 times a year they might need to use heaters or cooling, but it has an 85% efficiency using just the building’s natural methods :)

We got a chance to see their Oscar, and Bafta awards….and did you know that if too many people handle an Oscar with their clammy hands the gold leaf will start to come off? ^_^;


And here’s something else that makes this a great place to work…..they have their own cinema >.>


I’d highly recommend booking a place on this very interesting office tour during Doors Open Day, but you’ll need to book early to get a space ;)

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