Eden Project

This week we went down to Cornwall for a few days to do some sightseeing, and the first place we visited was the Eden Project :)

The Eden Project’s main attraction are the 2 massive biomes, which house plants from all over the world. The biomes are split into a Mediterranean theme, and a Rainforest theme.


Around the grounds are many sculptures which are fun to spot. Some are really big and out in the open, while others are smaller and slightly hidden within the bushes.


The Mediterranean Biome is a nice comfortable temperature inside, with a lot of plants from Spain, Italy, and other places. There is also an Italian restaurant inside the biome, which looked like it would be a nice place to eat.


When first entering the Rainforest Biome, we straight away felt that it was warmer than the other biome, but as we spent time in there we started to feel hotter and hotter >.>

It’s quite humid inside the Rainforest Biome, to suit the tropical plants growing inside there.


My favourite part of the biomes was the platform up in the top of the Rainforest Biome ^^

They let small groups at a time go up there, suspended more than 100ft above the pathways below. Because it’s high up, the temperature and humidity on the platform is higher than on the ground level. While we were up there the humidity was 90%…..people come down looking like they’ve been in a sauna :P

It’s well worth going up there though, the wait to go up isn’t too long, and the view above all the trees is brilliant :D

It’s not good for people afraid of heights though, as well as having a grated floor that you can see through, it also sways about as people climb up and down the steps.


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