The Arthurian Centre

The Arthurian Centre is a small museum based on the legend of King Arthur, and located at the site of his final battle……in which he killed his enemy but also received a mortal wound himself, leading to his death.

The museum is small, but it has some very interesting reading about the legend itself, as well as some of the history of the story.


Outside of the museum you can follow a walk which takes you past some interesting things.

We passed the foundation ruins of a small settlement, a lot of sheep, the battlefield where King Arthur fell, and other archaeological sites.


The main thing I was interested in was “King Arthur’s Stone”, which I was expecting to be the stone that he pulled the sword from in the legend…..but it wasn’t that stone ^_^;

The stone is interesting though, it’s dated c.540AD and is inscribed as a memorial marker to Arthur.

It brings the legend to life just that bit more ;)


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