Happy Halloween :D

For Halloween this year Y’ made us a really nice Halloween themed dinner :D

We had omurice (a Japanese dish; fried rice inside an omelette) with a jack-o-lantern face drawn on it in ketchup, and stuffed peppers that Y’ made nice and creepy by cutting faces into them :P


After dinner we carved a pumpkin, and this was the most successful jack-o-lantern we’ve ever made ^^

The last couple of years we either had to make do with small green pumpkins in Korea, of tiny orange ones here in the UK after everywhere was sold out of the bigger ones ^_^;

This year I was able to get a really nice one for carving though, and we ended up with a pretty good jack-o-lantern ^-^

Next year we’ll try a different design, and this year too we wanted to steer away from the standard triangle shapes for the face….I’m really pleased with how it turned out :)


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2 Responses to Happy Halloween :D

  1. Anonymous says:

    Y has far too much time on her hands ;o) (rj)

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