Ikea Lucia Celebration 2013

On Wednesday we went to the Lucia Celebration at Ikea in Bristol, it’s based on a celebration they do in Sweden around this time of year :)

It was a ticket only event, but Ikea Family members can buy tickets for a reduced price, and there was quite a big and varied buffet on offer :D

For the price of your ticket you get to have as much as you like from the buffet tables, unlimited drinks from the dispensers, and even some hot food was available for free (such as their Swedish meatballs, chips, rice, etc) ^^

Everyone gets a starter plate at their table which was loaded with salmon and prawns…perfect for Y’…….although with the salmon also available on the buffet table, she ended up eating far too much of it that evening ^_^;

The food was really good, although there wasn’t much on offer in the way of salad of vegetables…..and I ate too much like Y’, but more meat than fish heh.

They had live music, and Santa for the kids to see. Overall it was a really good atmosphere, and well worth the ticket price for the amount of food we had :P


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