Gromberry :)

Over the summer we spent a looooot of time travelling all around Bristol (and a little out of Bristol) hunting down all 80 of the Gromit statues on display for Gromit Unleashed……and you can see all of them on this very blog ;)

Gromit Unleashed is all finished now, and all of the Gromits were sold at auction, but today we managed to stumble upon one :D

If you venture down a little back alley in Bristol, you can find a gallery called CentreSpace Gallery, near St Nicholas Market, and inside this gallery stands Gromberry ^-^

I don’t know if he now lives there permanently, or if he’s just on loan, but at the time of writing he’s in there……so if you didn’t have a chance to see Gromberry before, or if you’d just like a second chance to see him again, now you know where to find him ;)

The rest of the gallery is worth checking out too, there are interesting pictures in there by local artists.


Please note: if you do go to see Gromberry in CentreSpace, please keep in mind that he’s now owned by somebody, and is on display at the owner’s discretion. It’s probably best not to touch Gromberry as you might have done during Gromit Unleashed, and certainly don’t let your children climb on him. It would be a shame if it got damaged / scuffed / ruined in any way, and prompted the owner to remove him from public view. Treat Gromberry with the respect an artistic piece deserves, so that he can be enjoyed in pristine condition for many years to come :)

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