Happy New Year 2014! (^o^)/

Last night Y’ did the traditional Japanese thing for New Year, and cooked us a feast :D

She made a really nice mix of things, with a lot of variety, and many flavours…..it was yummy ^^

In Japan they cook a lot on New Year’s Eve, and then that food will last for 2 or 3 days of eating, so that they don’t need to cook or prepare much at the start of the year, and can just enjoy themselves :)


At midnight we watched the chimes of Big Ben on TV, followed by the fireworks display above London…..it was pretty impressive, and nice to watch from the warmth of our living room :P

Then, as is Japanese tradition, we ate Soba noodles to help promote a long life and happy new year :)


For New Year’s Day, in the morning we followed another couple of Japanese traditions and went out to see the first sunrise of the year….unfortunately though, it was pouring down with rain, so we couldn’t actually see the sun…we saw the first daylight of the year though ^_^;

After that we went back home and ate mochi for breakfast; glutinous rice cake, it’s nice :)


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