Nikomi Ramen :)

We recently received a very nice, big, “care package” from Y’s parents in Japan, to stock us up on things that we can’t buy in the UK.

Among the food things, and more than what’s pictured below, we got some Nikomi Ramen…kinda like semi-instant ramen.

Ramen is one of my very favourite things to eat, and I always like to try different kinds, and Y’s parents know this well :)


Today we tried one, which was Tori Shio (Chicken Salt) flavour. We cooked the noodles in a big pot with vegetables and chicken, and then added the sauce packet to make the soup.

It was veeery yummy ^-^

A lot of instant “ramen” that you can buy in the UK, and even “ramen” on menus in restaurants like Wagamama, doesn’t actually use ramen noodles, but these were proper ones ;)

This is how instant ramen for home cooking should be done…if you can’t do a completely non-instant version :P


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