Chinese New Year At The Bristol Museum

Over the weekend a special event was held at the Bristol Museum to celebrate the Chinese New Year……..2014 is the year of the horse.

We went there to have a look around today, and our timing was lucky because there was just a short queue to get inside…..although we weren’t expecting that at all ;>.>
By the time we came out though, about an hour later, the queue was starting to stretch down the road O_o

The main entrance hall was set up for performances from bands and Martial Arts groups. At the time we were there we watched one band perform, and they were pretty good, but it was quite funny because (by invitation from the lead singer) the main area in front of them became an impromptu children’s dance party hehe


Around other parts of the museum they had areas set up for children’s activities, displays on Chinese cultures, and Chinese groups in Bristol.

Altogether there was a lot going on, and there were looooaaads of people there, so it seemed pretty popular.

If they do something similar again next year and you want to go along, it’s best to get there early ;P


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