Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park is a large estate and parkland owned by the National Trust located between Bristol and Bath.

The house is a pretty big one, and it seems like it’d be easy to get lost in there if they didn’t have a route set out for you to follow ;>.>

There are some really impressive rooms throughout the house, with nice high ceilings and imported furnishings….there are some very impressive British made tapestries in several of the rooms :)


One thing we noticed about this house which differs from others we’ve seen, is that there are several grand staircases within the house, instead of just the usual one near the main entrance hall….plus the narrow servants staircase, it seems the designer of this house really liked stairs ^_^;


Another thing we spotted as a continuing motive is the use of eagles on the light fittings.


When you get big houses like this, you’ll often see that the space dedicated to food preparation takes a lot of space, and it’s an essential part of what keeps the household running.

This house has separated  areas for cooking, baking, meat preparation, and cool storage….I bet the people who owned this house always ate well :P


Next to the house there’s also a church that you can go inside to look at, but it’s not part of the estate, and it’s not part of the National Trust.


It’s also worth having a look inside the Orangery next to the house, which was one of the first greenhouses to be built in the country.


The grounds of the estate are absolutely massive, with plenty of routes to walk through the gardens and the surrounding parkland.

At the time we went some of the spring flowers were blooming, and if you like daffodils then you’ll love it here ;)

There are several herds of deer within the grounds somewhere, which can be seen at times, but we didn’t spot any on this trip.


There are some nice spots to sit and have a picnic, and there’s also a tea room that does very nice cream teas…..Japanese style picnics are the best ;P


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