Cadbury Camp

At the weekend we went to two National Trust places that are pretty close to where we live, the first one is Cadbury Camp….no relation to the chocolate company though :P

Cadbury Camp is/was an Iron Age hill fort up on the ridge overlooking Tickenham. There’s not much up there now apart from the shapes of the battlements formed around the outside.

The walk up to the camp is all up hill, but it’s not too steep, and was a fairly easy walk :)


The view from the top is brilliant, and on a nice day you can see really far across the surrounding countryside ^^

We saw a deer run past along the edge of the hill fort, only about 20 meters from where we were sat, but we weren’t quick enough with the camera :(


It’s a good place to have a picnic up there too, but there are no bins provided so you’ll need to carry your rubbish home with you.

Onigiri (rice balls) make a great substitue for sandwiches in a picnic ;P


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