Park Street Water Slide :D

Yesterday as part of the “Make Sunday Special” campaign running in Bristol over the summer months, Park Street was closed to traffic and a water slide was set up running down the road :D

The slide was made from hay bales and plastic sheeting, and had water and washing-up liquid pouring down it to make it faster.

Apparently 100,000 people applied for tickets to ride on the slide, but only 360 tickets were actually available >.>

Riders went head first down the slide on a lilo, and it looked like fun ^^

It was a little disappointing that the slide didn’t run the entire length of the hill from top to bottom, but it was still a cool site to see……and there were loooooaaaads of people there O_o


At the bottom of the hill there were also activities in and around College Green, including kayaking in the water feature in front of the council offices, and a great dance routine by Granny Turismo ^^


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