Kiyomizu-dera Temple

We’ve just come back from a 2 week trip to Japan, so over the next week or so I’ll be uploading entries on some of the places we visited ^^

For the first few days of this visit to Japan we stayed in Kyoto, and the first major sight-seeing place we went to was Kiyomizu-dera Temple :)

To get up to the temple is a fairly long walk up a long straight road from the main street, but the hill is not too steep….although it’s harder on a hot day ^_^;


As you get to the top of the road, you reach the steps leading up to the temple grounds, and start to get a nice glimpse of some of the beautiful buildings up there :D


Part of the temple grounds are free to enter, and there are some really nice buildings there, but to see the main attraction of the temple; the main hall and its veranda, you have to buy tickets.


The main hall and its veranda are the most famous part of Kiyomizu-dera, and they are amazing >.>

The veranda is huge, and looks right out over Kyoto down below. The structure of the supports is unbelievable to comprehend….especially when you consider that this was built hundreds of years ago, and not a single nail is used ;>.>

The veranda is about 13m up from the ground below it, and it’s said that if you survive the fall from there your wish will be granted……apparently people used to actually jump from here a loooong time ago to try and get their wish, with an 85% survival rate @_@

You’re not allowed to try jumping from the veranda anymore though :P


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