Japanese Countryside and Shoreline ^^

Y’s parents live in a small town in a rural part of Japan, it’s a quiet place but there are some great natural views available just a few minutes from home ^^

There’s a harbour in the town which has nice clean water, and is very serene with just the sound of the water lapping against the boats :)


Not far from town you can start going up into the mountains where rice fields prevail, and you get another nice peaceful place to enjoy ^^

The electric fences around the fields here are to keep out the wild pigs, deer, and monkeys that come down from higher in the mountain.


Going up even higher into the mountains there’s a road which offers some stunning views at the rest spots :D

Along this road we also saw a monkey and a deer during our drive :)


The local beaches are really picturesque…..some are good for swimming, and some are more popular for fishing.

We came here to swim in the summer a couple of years ago, and the water is really nice ;P


At one beach we saw 2 men fishing from the sand. Suddenly I noticed a cat sitting on the beach at the bottom of the ramp from where we were standing.

The cat walked out to where the fishermen had left their bucket and started to sniff around. When one of the men walked over to it I thought he was going to shoo it away, but instead he took a fish from the bucket and gave it to the cat >.>

That was a very content looking cat as it walked back up the slope, past us, and off down the road lol

We reckon he’s done that before, and knew he’d get a fish hehe

DSC04962DSC04966DSC04969 (1)DSC04971 (1)

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2 Responses to Japanese Countryside and Shoreline ^^

  1. Miss Barnard says:

    Beautiful views – which town in Japan is it as I’m travelling there soon?

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