Tebajima Island

Tebajima Island is just a short ferry ride from the mainland, and it’s a place that’s not changed much over the years.

Y’ has been several times in the past, but for me it was the first time :)

The ferry ride was much more fun than I was expecting actually…..it’s just a small ferry and it was very windy that day, so the ferry was bouncing around a lot and spray was coming right up over the top of the boat…..it was a white-water ferry trip >.>


It’s a small island, so there are no cars at all, only bikes and hand pulled carts, and the only way to and from the island is by boat.

The ferry runs regularly through the day, and people will go to school or work on the mainland…..but fishing is also a main job, so the fisherman have their own boats in the small harbour here.

The main collection of houses are all at one end of the island, and it’s very interesting to walk around the narrow streets….it was veeeery quiet during the day when we were there, and it’s lovely and peaceful ^^

The water in the harbour is a gorgeous clear blue, and it looks soooo inviting :P


Shortly before our visit a community art exhibition had been held, but unfortunately we missed it, and we were only able to see a couple of remaining things from it :(


On our walk around we found a well that looks like it’s still in use (the houses do have running water inside as well though), and someone had set up some brilliant buckets making use of the pots from old rice cookers :P


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